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Eco-Friendly Values

We all know that the world is changing very rapidly and in many ways. The massive growth in the world population and the equally rapid consumption of resources is ravaging our oceans and water supplies. Our unsustainable use of plastic is dramatically illustrated in the The Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Our consumption of land and old-growth lumber is decimating rain forests worldwide. The world’s largest fish are rapidly being consumed by our voracious appetites and by unsustainable techniques. We have inherited the unintended consequences of previous generations and future generations will have to deal with the consequences we set into motion today. It is therefore vital for TABcom to focus on areas in the green space.


The TABcom mission may sound idealistic, but its focus on the desire to build a world in which our environment can begin to regenerate, rather than deteriorate, has many practical applications. TABcom uses recycled boxes and paper and biodegradable foam in its packing. The company searches the world for more eco-friendly products. It is well documented today that e-commerce itself has a lower environmental impact than traditional shopping.


Additionally, TABcom is acquiring domains in the green space that allow it to promote the importance of the use of eco-friendly products. Through its flagship green URL,, TABcom brings news from sources worldwide regarding green technology and laws affecting the advancement of sustainable techniques.




  • Create vertical dominating domains
  • Deliver service and value that exceeds our customers’ expectations
  • Invest in and support team members to achieve happiness and excellence
  • Create social and monetary wealth through profits, growth and social responsibility
  • Care for and improve the environment
  • Create ongoing win-win’s with our suppliers and partners

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