relaunches as the ultimate garden center and outdoor living destination

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Weekly Promotions and Seasonal Tips Throughout Kick-off Month of May
Celebrate the Return of Leading E-Commerce Site in Garden Space

May 3, 2010, Hazelton PA – At a time when record numbers of Americans are embracing backyard living, gardening and even growing their own food, relaunches as the internet’s leader in the rapidly expanding outdoor living category. After an initial run as a major dot com of the late 90’s, the site has been reborn under the direction of Paul Ambrose, founder of Yardiac, and Alex Tabibi, the e-commerce entrepreneur of TABcom, the umbrella company that is a part of. embraces the garden as an extension of the home and combines the peaceful and informative experience obtained at a traditional garden center with the huge savings and broad product selections found in the large discount and home improvement store chains., like all of TABcom’s e-commerce sites, puts the spotlight on informative, seasonal content and a robust community where ideas and suggestions can be shared as a vital component of the retail experience.

“Today, is dedicated to simplifying gardening and to encouraging more people to participate in this therapeutic pastime,” says founder Paul Ambrose. He continues, “with the demise in recent years of many local garden centers as well as some major online gardening catalogs, the average gardener has limited retail options and homeowners are thirsting for information and quality products at an affordable price. is here to fill that void!”

Alex Tabibi, CEO of TABcom adds, “ started as a pure-play e-commerce company and has transformed into a multichannel retailer. The re-introduction of the mail-order catalog will reinvigorate the industry and services offered by such as its partnership with a national network of the industry’s most qualified Landscape Architects offer a dimension to customers unmatched elsewhere.”

To excite customers about the timely re-launch of this month, the company will be doing a Grand Opening Promotion each week in May. Dates, themes and offerings are as follows:

May 6th – Decorative Outdoor Living

  • Window Boxes & Planters
  • Outdoor Clocks & thermometers
  • Hose Pots and reels
  • Rain Gauge
  • Arbors, metal arbors
  • Upside Down Tomato
  • Planters

May 13th – Planting For Success

  • Raised Garden Bed
  • Tree Gator
  • Coco Fiber
  • Hampton Window Box
  • Coil Hose
  • Radius Garden Tools
  • Garden Carts
  • Watering Cans
  • Clogs

May 20 – Innovations in the Garden

  • Custom Fiberglass Pergolas
  • Legacy Gass Grill
  • Deck Rail Planters
  • Decorative Faucets
  • Tools Storage
  • Lawn Stripper
  • Naples Fire Pit

May 27 – Organic Solutions to Organic Problems

  • Burn Out
  • Milky Spore
  • Fish Fertilizers
  • Solar Mole Chaser
  • Orenemec
  • Composters
  • Solar Fountains
  • Reel Movers

For more information about the promotions, click on the following link:

About ( is your online destination for all Garden supplies, as well as information. is a subsidiary of Tabcom, formerly called PetsUnited, LLC. Founded in 1969, TABcom (formerly Pets United) is the parent company to a wide variety of pet-related and outdoor living websites, including,,,,,, and All the pet sites provide a broad range of competitively priced pet supplies, as well as community forums and partnerships with several national and local rescue and adoption facilities. Check out our dog forum – one of the largest on the Internet and growing daily, a wealth of knowledge and conversation is available from around the world, around the clock!

Pets United rebrands as Tabcom and relaunches and

Pets United LLC is about a lot more than pets today. And so the company is changing its name to Tabcom to better fit is growing number of e-commerce and content destinations that offer everything from garden equipment to information on local service providers of solar energy systems.

Tabcom, named after founder and CEO Alexander Tabibi, operates such sites as,,,,,, and It owns more than 5,000 domain names and its network of sites attracts more than 2 million unique visitors per month. Tabcom now operates about 12 web sites, Tabibi says, and hopes to grow that number to 15 or 16 by the end of the year. E-commerce sites in the works include and

“Without abandoning our legacy of unparalleled information and products for the pet and equine enthusiast, we needed to cultivate a more inclusive name that we could own and that recognizes our expanding range of web sites that offer something for everyone,” Tabibi says.

Along with its rebranding, Tabcom is also relaunching, an e-commerce site it has owned and operated for about three years and has grown from around 7,000 SKUs to about 35,000. The new site has more content including more than 100 articles on gardening.

Also this week, Tabcom announced the creation of Tabcom Living, a sister company to Tabcom which operates web sites, including e-commerce sites, that focus on lifestyle brands and products. is one of its first publicized sites offering about 30,000 SKUs with the goal to have 70,000 bikes and bike accessories by July.

The site also houses information about local bike shops, says Tabcom Living CEO Ben Pfeifer. Tabcom Living also operates, which, which for now offers limited SKUs and enables visitors to book campsites throughout the U.S. “It’s a mix between and a camping store,” Tabibi says.

<span >PetsUnited is No. 230 in the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide.