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TABcom is a multi-divisional internet company that focuses on the development of premium domains in the pet, equine, outdoor and eco-friendly spaces, including Based in Hazelton, PA, with distribution centers around the country, TABcom develops and maintains ‘conscious lifestyle’ websites that offer products, social engagement and interactive content for enthusiasts with a variety of interests.

TABcom’s strategic objective is that its platform and infrastructure create online experiences that are at the pinnacle of their respective verticals. While the company currently focuses on e-commerce – its eye is on the holistic integration of currently disparate elements; ie, an internet not as defined by pre-internet capabilities. By allowing the consumer the choice to conduct e-commerce, get information, and be educated and entertained simultaneously TABcom gives end-users exactly what they expect and demand.

TABcom was started in 2002 when brothers Carlo and Alex Tabibi bought a professional dog supply catalog called Dog’s Outfitter and changed its focus to e-commerce. Having renamed it, they soon added further divisions to the company’s growing catalog of premium domain websites, including,,,,, and The company’s business plan calls for it to grow profitability through the acquisition of existing internet and catalog companies – as well as by launching many completely new additional sites.

Today in addition to TABcom being the largest online retailer of equine products worldwide, it continues to broaden both the depth and breadth of products and content on its existing domains. Soon, the company will roll-out additional domains, with over 5000 domain names in its portfolio.

Social Conscience

TABcom’s business model is built on creating an online enterprise that is imbued with a social conscience and is responsive to ethical and environmental concerns, with a particular sensitivity toward animals and the natural world. The choice of the word ‘holistic’ is not only meant to describe the focus of its business – but also its ethical compass.

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